Saturday, October 23, 2010

So so day

Today has been terribly boring, but other than that, it's been fine. I spent the day sitting up in bed crocheting and am almost finished making my scarf for the winter. And I've been watching Ghost Adventures but all that is getting boring so I thought I would come in here and write but that's not happening either.

I printed out two of my books that are in the making. A Closed Bloom in the Sun, I am going to make into a non fiction book. I made that decision last night. And Blood Ties: In Pink & Blue needs to be edited and finished. I guess Blood Ties will be the first one that I finish and will e-publish it because The Vampire & the Demon is no where near finished yet. I've only got 22 pages done on that one so far and Blood Ties has 173 done so that one is going a little faster.

I've been thinking about starting yet another book but I don't have enough ideas in my head yet to even make a start to one. I don't know how Nora Roberts belts out so many in a year. Just working on the five I have started is very overwhelming. I've got to get over this funk I am in though so I can get back to working hard but I just can't seem to get the words out lately.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for today. I hope tomorrow is better and that I can get some real writing done.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Guess Who's Back

I've been concentrating more on my crocheting today, making a winter scarf for myself. I was trying to write but the words still will not come. It's driving me crazy. I don't like not being able to write at all. I mean it's been over a week now and nothing comes to mind to put on the paper.

I see a lot of people have stopped by today and I'm real happy about that. Keep coming back and seeing what's new. Pretty soon I'm going to put up an excerpt from Immortal Destiny.

I have been considering what to do with A Closed Bloom in the Sun. I think after it's published as my autobiography, that I am going to rewrite it as fiction where I can add to it and make it a much bigger book and go into more detail than I did the first time writing it.

You can also keep up with me on my new website and blog at and at  Once I am done with my present publisher, I'll be using those websites exclusively because I'll be epublishing my books from now on. So be sure to come see me over there, too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wide Awake

I have serious insomnia. Here it is after 2am and I can't sleep. I took my sleeping pill 4 hours ago and I am wide awake.

I wanted to try to write but no matter which story I open up, the words won't come. There are just too many of the voices in my head and I can't hear myself think long enough to write even one sentence. So, I'll babble here for a while and hope something I say stimulates my brain into action and I can get back to writing.

PA says they hold the electronic rights to my books so I can't go publish them with an e-publisher, yet they want $99 before they will publish my books in the e-book format. And on top of that, they charge $9.95 for the e-book, which I think is just too high. People aren't going to spend that on an author they know, let alone an unknown one.

I can't wait until the seven years is up on my contracts. I will republish all my books then with another publisher. At least I can set the prices then to something that is a bit more fair for the everyday reading consumer. I wan't my rights back to all my books but that costs $99 also, per book. Sometimes I just wish I'd never heard of this company.

I shouldn't be talking bad about them on my own site but I really can't help it when I see how they work and how they treat their authors.

All of the 5 books I am working on now though will go to Pub It and be published in e-book format. I think I like that idea much better. I can set the prices and I get a much higher royalty. I went to a webinar last night to see how Pub It works and I was impressed, to say the least. Barnes & Noble runs Pub It and I know they are reputable, so I believe I will be using them from here on out. If you want to see anything of my new books as I write them, you can go to and see it all there.

It's been a while

Well it's been a while since I wrote here. I figured I better write so that no one thinks this site is abandoned. Still waiting on the last three of my books to come out. We are waiting on my autobiography which will come out in February of 2011 and in October of 2011 Immortal Reunion will be released followed by Immortal Destiny in February of 2012. That's the line up. After that, I will be seeking a new publisher for the remainder of that series. I will probably be publishing them in e-book format because it is so much easier to do. Barnes and Noble has a Pub It program that allows authors to publish their books as e-books that can be downloaded to Nook, Kindle, iPad, PC, and a few other venues.

If you have been here before then you will see that I took down the forums. No one was using them so they were just taking up space. If anyone would like to see them up again (and intends on using them), just let me know and I'll put them back up.

Be sure to visit my CafePress shop, too, where you can get items with my book covers on them. Each book in my series will have their covers put on the merchandise.

I haven't been able to write lately. I have a wicked case of writer's block that just won't seem to let go. My mind is a blank and I'm in the process of writing 5 books at this time. The words just won't come for any of them. Wish me luck because I am determined that tomorrow I am going to write whether the words come or not. I have to edit anyway so if I write poorly, at least I'm writing and it will all get fixed and be perfect in the end.

I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone keeps visiting me here.