Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still Hoping to Write

Well, I still haven't been able to write but what I did do was to print out all the books I'm working on so I can go over them with a fine toothed comb and possibly see where my mistakes are and hopefully that can get me writing again. I am going to try also staying up tonight to go over them as much as I can and maybe the blockage will go away and I can get a bit written. Now the problem is deciding which book to work with. I have five in the works and I never know which one I want to work on most.

I haven't done much of anything but crochet and I'm bored with that. Hopefully that will pick up too because I have all these projects started for xmas gifts and I have to get them done as well. I just have no motivation to do anything lately.

I've been trying to read over what I've printed out, but it's all so overwhelming, just like the crocheting projects. Perhaps I'll get out of this funk I'm in and get with it soon. I hope so. I don't like sitting idle like this at all. I'll cross all my crossable appendages and see if anything transpires.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

So so day

Today has been terribly boring, but other than that, it's been fine. I spent the day sitting up in bed crocheting and am almost finished making my scarf for the winter. And I've been watching Ghost Adventures but all that is getting boring so I thought I would come in here and write but that's not happening either.

I printed out two of my books that are in the making. A Closed Bloom in the Sun, I am going to make into a non fiction book. I made that decision last night. And Blood Ties: In Pink & Blue needs to be edited and finished. I guess Blood Ties will be the first one that I finish and will e-publish it because The Vampire & the Demon is no where near finished yet. I've only got 22 pages done on that one so far and Blood Ties has 173 done so that one is going a little faster.

I've been thinking about starting yet another book but I don't have enough ideas in my head yet to even make a start to one. I don't know how Nora Roberts belts out so many in a year. Just working on the five I have started is very overwhelming. I've got to get over this funk I am in though so I can get back to working hard but I just can't seem to get the words out lately.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for today. I hope tomorrow is better and that I can get some real writing done.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Guess Who's Back

I've been concentrating more on my crocheting today, making a winter scarf for myself. I was trying to write but the words still will not come. It's driving me crazy. I don't like not being able to write at all. I mean it's been over a week now and nothing comes to mind to put on the paper.

I see a lot of people have stopped by today and I'm real happy about that. Keep coming back and seeing what's new. Pretty soon I'm going to put up an excerpt from Immortal Destiny.

I have been considering what to do with A Closed Bloom in the Sun. I think after it's published as my autobiography, that I am going to rewrite it as fiction where I can add to it and make it a much bigger book and go into more detail than I did the first time writing it.

You can also keep up with me on my new website and blog at and at  Once I am done with my present publisher, I'll be using those websites exclusively because I'll be epublishing my books from now on. So be sure to come see me over there, too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wide Awake

I have serious insomnia. Here it is after 2am and I can't sleep. I took my sleeping pill 4 hours ago and I am wide awake.

I wanted to try to write but no matter which story I open up, the words won't come. There are just too many of the voices in my head and I can't hear myself think long enough to write even one sentence. So, I'll babble here for a while and hope something I say stimulates my brain into action and I can get back to writing.

PA says they hold the electronic rights to my books so I can't go publish them with an e-publisher, yet they want $99 before they will publish my books in the e-book format. And on top of that, they charge $9.95 for the e-book, which I think is just too high. People aren't going to spend that on an author they know, let alone an unknown one.

I can't wait until the seven years is up on my contracts. I will republish all my books then with another publisher. At least I can set the prices then to something that is a bit more fair for the everyday reading consumer. I wan't my rights back to all my books but that costs $99 also, per book. Sometimes I just wish I'd never heard of this company.

I shouldn't be talking bad about them on my own site but I really can't help it when I see how they work and how they treat their authors.

All of the 5 books I am working on now though will go to Pub It and be published in e-book format. I think I like that idea much better. I can set the prices and I get a much higher royalty. I went to a webinar last night to see how Pub It works and I was impressed, to say the least. Barnes & Noble runs Pub It and I know they are reputable, so I believe I will be using them from here on out. If you want to see anything of my new books as I write them, you can go to and see it all there.

It's been a while

Well it's been a while since I wrote here. I figured I better write so that no one thinks this site is abandoned. Still waiting on the last three of my books to come out. We are waiting on my autobiography which will come out in February of 2011 and in October of 2011 Immortal Reunion will be released followed by Immortal Destiny in February of 2012. That's the line up. After that, I will be seeking a new publisher for the remainder of that series. I will probably be publishing them in e-book format because it is so much easier to do. Barnes and Noble has a Pub It program that allows authors to publish their books as e-books that can be downloaded to Nook, Kindle, iPad, PC, and a few other venues.

If you have been here before then you will see that I took down the forums. No one was using them so they were just taking up space. If anyone would like to see them up again (and intends on using them), just let me know and I'll put them back up.

Be sure to visit my CafePress shop, too, where you can get items with my book covers on them. Each book in my series will have their covers put on the merchandise.

I haven't been able to write lately. I have a wicked case of writer's block that just won't seem to let go. My mind is a blank and I'm in the process of writing 5 books at this time. The words just won't come for any of them. Wish me luck because I am determined that tomorrow I am going to write whether the words come or not. I have to edit anyway so if I write poorly, at least I'm writing and it will all get fixed and be perfect in the end.

I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone keeps visiting me here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Interviewing Rachel Stolle

1.      Tell us about your latest book?

My first Christian Children’s book’s official release date was September 12, 2010.  It is titled, “Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?” is written in a very broad manner in order to aid children experiencing any form of crisis in their life.  My goal with this book was to help children who have experienced hardships or trauma in their lives to understand that God is by their side.  I credit my earliest foundations in Christianity to a wonderful woman named Louise Ritchie.  Aunt Lou, as everyone knew her, was a caring, Godly woman who devoted her life to service and the Lord.  Louise passed away in September of 2009; she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. 
“Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?” is the first in a series of stories all to be narrated by this warm and loving character, Aunt Lou.  Future titles will include but are not limited to, “Tell Me About Easter, Aunt Lou”, “Why Do Our Loved Ones Die, Aunt Lou?”, and “Tell Me About Christmas, Aunt Lou”.
One of my most recent reviews:
When young children experience trauma, it is very important to acknowledge that trauma and help a child come to a place where they feel safe again.  “Why did This Happen to me, Aunt Lou?” is written in a way that opens the door for dialogue and healing to begin, from a Christian faith perspective.  Beautifully illustrated, it offers hope and encouragement for children who need a message of unconditional love.  This is crucial in helping a child understand that they did not do something “wrong,” but rather, are cherished by God.  It is the message that so many children never hear and as a result, grow to be adults with a wide variety of mental health challenges.  One thing known today is that we must help children because they cannot help themselves. This book may be one thing that offers a “life ring” to a wounded child.
Nan Holmes, Waco, Texas
Talitha Koum Institute

2.      What is it like being the author of children’s books?

Being a children’s book author is a humbling experience.  I wake up each day worrying that it was all just a really pleasant dream.  The process did not seem completely real until I received my first shipment of hardcover books.  I literally ripped the box open, grabbed a book, and cuddled with it!  My husband thought the whole situation was so comical that he actually worried that I might sleep cuddling with my book that night.
I have had 5 of my books to be released in the series written for about three years.  But with the passing of my Beloved Louise Ritchie last summer I revisited getting published with a renewed fervor.  I am so very blessed that my path crossed with that of Publish America.  While many authors grimace at the mention of a print on demand publisher, Publish America was a perfect fit for both me and my books.  I give God the glory for my ability to write them, illustrate them, and share these stories that he has lain on my heart.

3.      What inspires you to write?

My life experiences and my faith inspire me to write. I born and raised in a little town called Jefferson, in North East Texas.  As soon as I was born, God never left my side.  He guided me through economic hardships, sexual abuse by a distant family member, an attempted kidnapping turned carjacking, and years of spiritual warfare.
While I choose to keep the details of my childhood sexual abuse private, I do very openly share my experience with the attempted kidnapping turned carjacking back in 2001.

It was October of the same year of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  I was still dealing emotionally with seeing the images of the attacks, and I was not aware of my PTSD at this time so I didn’t limit my exposure to the trauma.
I was walking to my car through an apartment complex parking lot, headed to school  I remember I was going to wear navy blue addidas shorts that day, but I melted the athletic material with the clothes iron (should been a sign).  So I changed.  I remember that outfit in detail as well--Tommy Hilfiger flare jeans, a grey Baylor tee with a red and blue University logo and tennis shoes.  Something told me to ride with my husband that morning, but I ignored the instinct.
As soon as I was outside, I saw him.  He was far enough away that I felt safe, but close enough that I wasted no time getting to my car.
I remotely unlocked my driver side door, sat down, put my drink in the cup holder, threw my backpack across to the passenger side, and tried to close the door.
The weirdest door wouldn't close.  There was resistance.  I turned and there he was. A black male about 200lbs and a bit over six foot.  He had something sharp in his hand--I assumed it was a pocket knife.  He threw open my door, put the object to my neck and said, "Get over".  He wanted me to scoot to the passenger side and let him drive away with me.
My first instinct was to obey this large, angry man wielding a sharp object dangerously close to my throat, but then...RAGE!
I WAS NOT going to be victimized AGAIN!  This attack took place no less than nine years after my sexual abuse stopped--that meant NOTHING!  It was like it had happened yesterday, and I was TICKED!
I put my left hand on the horn of my car--it was early morning, everyone was home asleep and would come out ticked at the noise.  I knew help wasn't far away.  I leaned through the opening of the door and him and yelled with all my strength for JASON!  He started jabbing and slashing at me with what turned out to be a broken glass bottle in a paper bag.  I knew he would probably cut me, but not bad enough to kill me. 
I looked up the stairs of the complex and there was Jason.  Tee-shirt, boxers and a very angry look.
I can only imagine what the attack looked like from his vantage point, but from mine I saw hope.
Jason has always brought light, truth and security to my life.  The image of him-- and God's protection, gave me the strength and courage to somehow miraculously fight through my attacker and exit the same door he was blocking.
I distinctly remember having one hand gripped tightly to his shirt once. I realized I was now outside the car and he was inside all my anger and pent-up rage overwhelmed me for an instant and I wanted nothing more than to drag him out of the car, take a few shots at him and then let Jason finish him off.  But yet again, God intervened and I let him go.
I watched him slam my car door, fumble for the keys and take off.  Jason got to the car door about the time he closed and locked it.  He beat on the window screaming words that I dare not repeat.
It was at this point that I realized blood was coming from somewhere. I didn’t know where or how bad.  I just ran to a wall collapsed to my knees and screamed, "I AM BLEEDING". 
Jason instantly left the car to drive away, and came to my rescue.
To this day I am certain that I had an angel in the car with me that day.  All that shuffling and fighting and flailing and I walked away with only a scratch on 3 fingertips, a slash through my shirt and my bra (but not to the skin).


Today I am a 29 year old
Baylor University graduate, teacher, poetic monthly staff writer, cake decorator, and stay-at-home mom in Waco, Texas.  As I look back at my childhood with great appreciation and respect for the unending love of her Heavenly Father, my relationship with God grows even stronger.

4.      If someone wants to purchase your book, where would they find it?

My books are currently available thought my personal website at

Direct from my publisher
$24.95 hardcover link to purchase:
$9.95 Paperback link to purchase:
My books are also listed at

5.      Where do you get some of your best ideas for a book?

All of my book ideas are inspired from raising my two young daughters.  I am a stay-at-home mom with a 4 year old and a two year old.   Their pure and inquisitive spirits manage to ask some very difficult and trying questions that a Christian child should be contemplating.  My daughter likes to ask me about death, and why things die, and if she will die.  She likes to know why it is raining, why it is windy, and why God gives the plants water and feeds the birds.  The sheer innocence of it all has moved me to take all the little one-on-one stories that I tell her and her sister and put them down on paper.  I truly hope that one day my books will help Christian parents integrate God and scripture into every aspect of their life and every explanation they give their children on a daily basis.  I would love to have my books be just that resource for them.

My Interview withRachel Stolle

Author Interview #2

Today we welcome author DJ Ashton. D.J. Ashton was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 3, 1964, at Union Memorial Hospital.
She holds an Associate in Science degree in the field of Criminal Justice and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida Metropolitan University.

Having attended the Medix School in Towson, Maryland, she has a certificate of completion in Medical Assisting. She graduated earning the Alpha Beta Cappa award. Upon completion of her externship from the program, she was hired on the spot by the Obstetrician/Gynecologist she worked for during that time, and remained with him until a divorce necessitated a move further than she could travel for work.
Ms. Ashton has one son, who has followed in her footsteps and serves his country proudly in the United States Army. She has one daughter currently enrolled in college as a Psychology major and another daughter who recently graduated beauty school. She also has one granddaughter who she proudly calls "Nana's girl".
Infatuated by and intrigued with vampires, Ms. Ashton began researching and writing about them approximately twenty years ago. In the last seven years, she has been actively writing for publication and is currently in search of a literary agent to represent her work. While she dabbles in other genres, her main focus is always Paranormal Romance.
She has been an active member of the Romance Writers of America organization since April 2005.
To her writing credit, she has written several short stories (in various genres), begun an autobiography, and has also begun writing a whimsical memoir, of sorts, based on little things she observes as she haunts coffee shops, family diners, and the local Barnes & Noble. She is an avid "people-watcher" and gets some of her best story ideas and characters from those unsuspecting people she "accidentally" and "non-chalantly" eavesdrops on.
When not engaged in writing, edits, and people-watching, she likes to unwind on the Internet where she meets with friends to chat. She plays World of Warcraft having left EverQuest after years of play. She also enjoys such "offline" PC games as Doom 3, Half Life, and Quake (4).
Other hobbies include cooking, crocheting, and holding the couch in place while she flips through the cable channels, occasionally coming to rest on programs such as Forensic Files, Law & Order (CI and SVU), Ghost Hunters, and True Blood.

Q. How do your friends and family feel about your writing venture in general? (how have you handled the situation?)

A. In general, they are okay with my writing and they like to read my books, but they feel I need “a real job” until I get famous (Insert laughing here). I simply tell them my writing is a real job and that I am happy doing it and I’ll keep doing it until I don’t want to do it anymore, which I don’t see happening in the near future.

Q. What do you do to unwind and relax?

Sometimes I will just take a nap and other times I will curl up with a good book, or I’ll take a candlelight bubble bath with soft music on in the background.

Q. What is your favorite book?

Hard to say because I like so many but I guess one of my favorites of all time is “Rage of Angels” by Sidney Sheldon. Oh, and “Acheron” by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Q. What do you want to accomplish with your books?

I want to secure myself in the world of writing. I just want my books on the shelves of the major bookstores so I can leave a sort of legacy for my children and grandchildren.
How long does it take you to write a completed book manuscript?
It depends on what I’m writing and how intense it gets. The first book I ever wrote took 3 years. The one I just had published took almost 2 years. I finished another book in just two months’ time. And the one I’m working on now, I hope to have done in the next 2-3 weeks. I figure if I do a chapter a day, I’ll accomplish that goal.

Q. What successes has your current book done for you?

My book got me published. I wanted to be a successfully published author and I have achieved that. Now I want to go further and be recognized when people see my name on the cover of one of my works.
You can also find this boobie babble blog interview at
Please check out my interview on DJ's blog at

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I hope you have enjoyed reading the interview with Lillian Brummet. Be sure to be watching on September 26th when I interview Rachel Stolle about her new book, "Why did this happen to me, Aunt Lou?" It will be posted here and on my main website and in Facebook. So be sure to mark your calendars for the event!

Interviewing Lillian Brummet

Mini Bio: Lillian Brummet – Co-author/author of the books Trash Talk, Purple Snowflake Marketing, and Towards Understanding; Host of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show and of the Brummet's Conscious Blog:

  1. When did you become environment conscious? What made you want to become so involved in it?
Back in the '80's it just seemed natural and proper to recycle newspapers and glass (the first two items collected here), I mean we all learn in public school about resources and why management is so necessary – so this really isn't a big leap. As the recycling industry grew I became kind of excited about all the things we didn't have to send to the landfill. Nature has always been a haven to me, I go there when I am feeling low. And as such, I feel a special connection to nature and animals. As a gardener I've learned how the health of the soil is so important and from there, I guess, the environmentalist in me just bloomed! :)
  1. How do you feel about the oil spill in the Gulf? Do you feel it could have been prevented? How?
I found it extremely frightening, and still do – we just don't know yet what the full effect of this will be. And there are oil spills going on all the time, all over the world – although not that big... they still add up to a huge amount. Oil spills, industry spills, plumes of pollution in the air... they all concern me a great deal. However, rather than focusing on what others are doing, I choose to focus on my own “back yard” - so to speak. Meaning, what can I do in my own life to make a difference. Finger pointing and waiting for regulations and politicians is not the answer – the answer is you and I making conscious choices... every day.

  1. What organizations do you belong to whose main goal is cleaning up the environment?
I am a member of Seeds of Diversity ( which preserves the genetic diversity for agriculture and nature's flora and fauna, on an international basis and works with government food banks, nurseries, seed suppliers and gardeners. I also support the Canadian Wildlife Federation ( – we donate proceeds from our book sales to this organization in an effort to help their many programs and wildlife conservation efforts. We've been members of numerous eco-organizations in the past, and continue to support other organizations, but these are the two environmental causes that we focus on now.
  1. What various forms of alternative energy do you feel are most relevant in the long term? Why?
Wind and Solar and Wave technologies seem to have the greatest ability at the moment – but Geothermal seems to be the most universal. To have wind power, you must have long enough periods of windy conditions... Same with solar. Wave, well that is a proximity thing – if you are close to water, you are good to go. But geothermal... our homes are on land, therefore we have access to geothermal. If I could afford to invest in one single technology it would probably be geothermal. However since most of us cannot afford the huge investment – we'll have to focus on some of the other cheaper alternatives. Solar panels are very budget friendly now – solar hot water tanks are an exceptional investment that pays for itself in just a few years. I love the idea of affordable green construction such as straw bale combined with post and beam construction – this gives you an R-50 rating!
  1. What are your opinions on Global Warming?
Well, it is real. As a gardener and coming from a gardening family, I can tell you that we've not seen such strange seasons, nor had to contend with so many issues as we have as of the last 8 years or so. Two years in a row we had such voracious winds that we had to replace some fence posts that snapped during the winds. I am not a scientist and do not have access to their data – but I can tell you that you and I, the individuals out there, we have the power to make a huge difference.
  1. What advice would you offer to someone who wants to begin working to save the environment?
It really doesn't take much. Just recycling alone reduces your contributions to the landfill by 30% minimum, and reduces a great deal of society's contributions to global warming. Composting reduces your landfill contributions by another 30%. Keeping organics out of the landfill is one of the most important things we can do, since the gasses released from this are much more damaging to the environment than Carbon Dioxide. So start there and then look at what you are bringing to the home and office in the first place – meaning, as a consumer we have to support the more environmental products in order to influence change on the planet. There are lots and lots of things we can do (which we cover in our Trash Talk, It's Easy To Be Green series), but these are the three easiest places to start.
  1. What would your opinions be on alternative energy vehicles such as electrics, fuel celled power, bio diesel, and ethanol?
Wow, that is a loaded question and could hardly be addressed here in full – we actually have a huge section of the 2nd book in the Trash Talk – It's Easy Being Green series that addresses this question better, but I'll do my best here. Any alternative energy technology is a move in the right direction, and each new technology will have its own set of issues and limitations to address. Electric vehicles have greatly improved, however their batteries are terrible for the environment and must be replaced regularly. Bio-fuels, including bio-diesel, are a fantastic alternative that is something we can use today. The technology has realized the potential for impacting food crop production and has been testing bio-fuel production on bio-wastes from animal and human sewage to wheat straw and wood shavings. There is even a new technology out that can convert carbon dioxide into a low level fuel for vehicles. It is exciting to watch all the innovations happening, that is for sure!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm having a lazy weekend. Today I went out and got the supplies to make up my business cards. They turned out pretty cool. Don't forget to check in on the 22nd of this month where I will post the interview I'm giving to Lillian Brummet. We'll be discussing her views on the environment so it should be pretty exciting to see. Also on the 26th I will be interviewing children's book author, Rachel Stolle. We will be discussing her new book, "Why did this happen to me, Aunt Lou?" That will be another exciting interview to see. Of course I will have both interviews posted here, and again on my main website, and in Facebook, so be sure to stop at one of those places and check it out!

Friday, September 17, 2010

On September 26, I will be interviewing children's book author Rachel Stolle.   We will be discussing her new book "Why did this happen to me, Aunt Lou?" It's going to be a great interview so mark your calendars and I will have the interview posted here, on my main homepage, and again in facebook. You don't want to miss it!

My Interview with Lillian Brummet

-- World of Writing Interview #28 --
DJ Ashton joins us today to share her experiences with writers groups and to offer advice for other writers in today's installment of the World of Writing interviews. *Find other writer interviews through the archived post index located in the side bar of this blog. 

DJ is a fan of paranormal romance genres, but in her personal life she is passionate about the environment, animals and putting an end to domestic violence. During her down time, she enjoys hobbies like "cooking, crocheting, and holding the couch in place". :) She holds an Associate in Science degree in the field of Criminal Justice, and is the proud mother of three. Her writing career began about 20 years ago, and her debut release - Immortal Desires  - is now available. Info @: 
Q. Do you belong to a writers’ group?

A. Yes I do. It’s a way for me to get out of the house. I use it to get away from my writing and get new ideas. It’s a way for me to meet other writers and listen to their stories and advice for my own work.

Q. How long have you belonged to this group? (how you found them, why you joined & the process of becoming a member).

A. I’ve belonged to the group now for the last three months. I found them on the B&N summer schedule of activities. I joined them because I thought they would be good for getting advice, ideas and helping me to learn more than I know about the publishing industry. To become a member, one only needs to show up and be willing to talk and share your writing samples, ideas, and information you know that someone else may not know.

Q. Where do you meet? How often? What do you do there?

A. We meet at different B&N stores in the area. We meet every two weeks, the second and fourth Mondays of the month. We read from our work to get input and advice from each other. We listen to others’ work and tell them how we like/dislike their pieces and how we think they could improve their writing.

Q. Where do you see yourself with your writing in five years?

A. In the next five years, I hope to have an agent and be with a “regular” publishing house. By regular, I mean someone like Random House, or Harlequin. I hope to be earning a steady income from my writing. I hope to have my series completed in five years, but sometimes it takes years to write just one book, let alone several.

Q. What advice would you give for aspiring authors?

A. Don’t quit your day job unless you have a means of supporting yourself while you write. Never take a rejection personally because it’s not personal, it’s business. Write every day whether you feel like it or not. Keep paper and pen with you at all times, even when you’re out because you never know when an idea my strike you and it would be a shame to lose it because you forgot to write it down.

Q. Tell us a bit about your passions in life.

A. Writing is obviously one of them. Outside of writing, I love to go on nature walks and attune with nature. I am conscious of the environment in that we must recycle and not use unnecessary energy and even water. And I am totally in love with my children and my dog because they give me the motivation and strength I need to get up every day and do the best I can in whatever I need/want to do.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

**Reminder** Tomorrow is the day that I will be interviewed by Lillian Brummet. Remember it will be posted here, and on my main website, and in the notes on my Facebook so you have three places to read from. This is exciting and I'm really looking forward to the experience!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

On September 26th, I will be interviewing children's book author Rachel Stolle and she will be interviewing me in turn. Both interviews will be posted here and on my website, and on facebook. So mark your calendars!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I have finally finished my autobiography, A Closed Bloom in the Sun. I sent if off to my publisher so it should follow closely behind my second book, Immortal Reunion. On September 17th I am being interviewed for the first time by Lillian Brummet. It will be posted here so stay tuned so you don't miss it!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have been working on my autobiography today. I tried to work a little on Immortal Decision but didn't get very far. On September 22nd, I will be posting an interview with Lillian Brummet about her efforts and opinions on cleaning up the environment. This is exciting news! Also, my book, Immortal Justice is now available at,, and Barnes& You can get the 10% discounted price at B&N, just a little heads up.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today I worked on my autobiography making several edits. Now I have to print it out, again, and make more. Hopefully I will be done with it soon so I can focus all my attention on my other books. So now I"m sitting here bored to death. I think a well-deserved nap is in order.

Monday, September 6, 2010

So, my book went up on today but doesn't show the cover or book description, or even my name. It only shows the price and the ISBN#. I wrote to them asking them why it isn't there and to please rectify the situation. I'm still waiting on an answer. But at least the book is available through Borders' online bookstore.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well, I made my own quota for the day on writing. I can take a break now for the night and continue on tomorrow! Tomorrow, also, I must get to work on my edits for my autobiography. That one is really hard work, but I'm tackling it little by little. At least I have until February to complete that one.
So I'm sitting here this morning too early to be out of bed when I hear tires squealing and metal crunching outside. I get up and run downstairs to see if anyone outside needs help, and there is nothing there. Now I know I was awake enough to know that I didn't imagine hearing this...but apparently I wasn't.  Things that make you go, "  hmm".
Today I will be working on my fourth book, Immortal Decision. I still have not turned in Immortal Destiny, as I am waiting until Immortal Reunion is available for purchase. I was up at the crack of dawn this morning. I don't know what time real people get up but I know this is too darn early for me to be up. I just can't get back to sleep, so I am going to start writing here, shortly. Be sure to check out my blog at Pretty much the same thing goes on there that does here, except that I'm more formal over there.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I've added a new link to my website at   There you will find a link labeled "A Vampire Interview". This is an interview with three of my main vampires, Julian, Dominic, and Rowan. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Today I also joined Author Nation so you can find me there at

You can also find me on Twitter. Just look for DJAshton1964.

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Today I did some mulling around and worked on the edits for my autobiography. I have until February to get it done. That is my deadline, but I believe it will be done much sooner. When it is done, I will turn it in to my publisher and from there it will go to the design department. I'll be sure to let you know when it comes out and is available for purchase.

Immortal Reunion is still in the design department and hopefully will be available soon.

If you want to check out Immortal Justice, just go to my website. If you would like to purchase my novel, it is available right now from the publisher at

Welcome to Immortal Desires

Welcome to my new blog! As with my website, I'll keep you updated on any changes going on with my new books, and feel free to visit me at 

This is my first blogspot and I'm not used to blogging so bear with me! 
My first book, Immortal Justice, is available through Publish America at

My second book, Immortal Reunion is in the design department and not available for purchase just yet, but will be soon!

I will keep you updated daily, so please stop by and be sure you are getting the newest information and thank you for stopping by!